Fiber 101 Tours - Youth Education Program

Your donations will go towards creating this youth education program that would otherwise not exist.

The cost of shutting down the Fiber Mill for school tours does not allow for a budget friendly option for our schools, 4H groups, and Homeschool groups.
Donations will provide:
Affordable Fiber Tours for Youth
Hands on Educational Materials
Funding to bring a Fiber Flock On-Site
Funding to renovate the Barn into a Fiber Animal Education Center

$15 = Helps to Provides One Fiber Tour to the Next Generation
$75 = Helps to Provide Feed for the Future Sheep of our Fiber Flock for One Month
$150 = Helps to Provide Feed for the Future Alpaca of our Fiber Flock for Two Months
$300 = Helps to Provide Fencing for our Future Fiber Flock
$500 = Provides a Fiber Tour for a Class/4H Group/Homeschool Coop
Donations of $500 or more will receive a “Naming Brick” at the Nome Schoolhouse